These days, a lot of studies have said that dark chocolate has rich concentrations of polyphenols and antioxidants. This has to do with the higher concentration of cacao seeds. When buying a high-quality chocolate, you want to find a minimally-processed; however, still palatable one. You do not wish to eliminate a lot of the health benefits of the treat by consuming a product loaded with lots of chemicals and sugar. To find a good quality chocolate, here are some tips.

Cacao is Snatched from the Tree When Time is Right

The fermentation process is a significant step in making great-tasting chocolate. Chocolate makers that harvest the cacao before it is ripe produce chocolate which is acidic in taste. Makers of first-class chocolate won’t cheat the fermentation process. Instead, they always pluck the fruit from its tree when the right time has come. The flavor will help you notice. Pure chocolate that is properly fermented will have the cocoa flavor’s characteristic without many additional flavors. Find chocolates sources from cocoa beans.

Manufacturing Process

The production process has a big say in terms of the chocolate’s final texture and taste. Find chocolate makers with strict manufacturing and quality control practices when processing their products. They should be able to handle their cacao bean production with precision and care to come up with a chocolate whose bitterness lingers on your tongue. Aside from the proper fermentation and sustainable growth of the fruit, the beans must be roasted and blended with care. To tell if you find the right company, go for one whose manufacturing processes have ISO and HACCP certifications. Premium chocolate tends to be smooth with a strong mix of sugar, cocoa fiber and cocoa butter. Over-roasted cocoa with shell in it usually tastes like a burnt rubber.

Higher Cacao and Lower Sugar Content

Generally, darker chocolate tend to have higher cacao content. But, cacao is bitter so expect darker chocolate to be bitterer. In order to counteract the bitterness, chocolate makers sweeten their chocolate or remove the flavanols which make the chocolate bitter. Obviously, this is about balancing

The best option is raw cacao but not all people can tolerate its flavor. Milk chocolate isn’t a great choice because it has huge amounts of sugar and pasteurized milk. Also, white chocolate is high in sugar and has no phytonutrients. Dark chocolate that is high in cacao is your perfect option. To pick high-quality content, buy private label chocolate in Canada.

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