Do you know a better way to get your little ones active outdoor other than allowing them to play with engaging sports toys? Outdoor toys are an excellent way to keep your kids have some fun while giving them opportunity for development. The activeness they get from playing with these toys is a key for them to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Roller inflatable wheel

Kids, regardless of their age, would surely giggle outdoor when they have fun playing with cute kids sports toys at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop such as a huge inflatable wheel. If you don’t have enough space outside your house, then take your kids at the park together with this outdoor toy.

  • Wooden Play Centre

Look for a sturdy wooden play centre that will last for many years. This toy usually comes with swings, slide, sandpit, and a climbing tower. If you want to indulge your kids to an exciting garden fun, then this item would surely keep them occupied for hours.

  • Classic Castle

Aside from pull along toys, castles are also good for children. Kids love to explore through secret crawl doors and realistic stone walls. They’d also love to play with a lookout tower that has a hidden slide. For your kids who are aspiring knights and princesses, then classic castle toys would surely make them smile.

  • Water cannon

It’s fun to have some water flights among kids and even with parents. Just attach a water cannon on the tripod and have some fun playing with the water. This toy is advisable for kids who are three years old and above.

  • Cozy Coupe

This type of outdoor toy is one of the best outdoor items for your kids. The best part here is that these toys are available in wide array of options, such as a trailer or an amazing kids wagon like a police car. An ideal cozy couple is one that is robust and will last for decades.

  • Trampoline

Do you have a huge outdoor space? If so, why not keep your kids active with a huge trampoline. The good thing about this toy is that it encourages your kids to gain their self-confidence quickly.

  • Splash Tunnel

Head to the market and buy that cute inflatable kickboard. Kids love to play with it into a padding pool. One tip- use a garden hose pipe for a passageway for the water. It’s a worthwhile kid’s toy for summer.

  • Step 2 sand wand water table

Kids love making their own tropical island. They would enjoy a splashing fun with this cute item. They’d glad to spin the wheel carousel and slide those cute stuffs down the board.

  • Carnival Playhouse

This is an interesting tent that is very easy to assemble and move around. Look for one that is spacious enough for your kids, and of course, with high quality materials, too.

  • Turn slide

This is a cute spiral slide that looks good for kids in a local playground. Pick one that is easy to assemble and has a robust anchor kid.

There you have it- top 10 outdoor toys for your little ones. Purchase pedal cars for kids at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop to get your kids occupied for hours with these amazing toy items.

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